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Social Conscience Missing In Bewildered New World Economics

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are now entering into the bewildered new world of economic disorder
They are outside of "the establishment" Republicans and Democrats  who support expanding free trade economics even tough it has obviously failed. Hopefully it is their time on earth to make things right

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As an advocate for workers dignity. local and value added econmies, I have been online since 1998 and now have thousand of resources and references on the wordwide web. We welcome all students and educators in high school and universities to review our Tapsearch Com World of information.  It comes from the real world of the streets based on more than fifty years of experience from the factory floors to the highest echelons in corporate management and includes many years in businesses of my own primarily in the computer industry.  It is really all about you in the global economic arena.   asking Do you feel like you are a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life.

Greed controls the flow of money  Letter to the Editor published in Cleveland Plain Dealer last year.  This was a response to two articles about economic ethics and Capitalism


The Plain Dealer had two articles July 13 in the Forum section relating to economic ethics. Historians have worn themselves out following the detours of these controversies. It is pretty simple to explain. Greed controls the flow of money and most wars are about this too. No one seems to want to admit the fact our economic system based on making money on money has burned out.

President Obama had to bail out the free trade economy when he took office. He bailed out big money interests, investment communities, banks, Wall Street and the "too big to fail" corporations while ignoring the suffering of all who lost everything due to free trade. What we had is over. The bailouts prove this. The rest of the people being bailed out are now wards of the state in some kind of new state capitalism way.

What we have now is something based on mortgaging the future to keep a failed system afloat. We have taken tariffs off goods and put them on future generations of workers. The biblical saying - do unto others as you would have them do to you - is the only thing left to save us in any practical way.

Ray Tapajna


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Free Trade is the major cause of our economic crisis.... and betrays the value of workers and labor across the world.

Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is fading away. President Obama following the other globalist free trader Presidents ignores Free Trade and Globalization as the major cause.  Free Trade is not trade as historically defined and practiced. 
It is primarily about moving factories  and production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor.  The cost of long haul ocean, air, rail and truck is not only a massive overhead but it  pollutes the environment and  cancels all the efforts to be "green" and to save the ecology.  ( See example - The 8000 mile light bulb -  The dark side of energy saving light bulbs and the darker story behind them

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The problem with  Globalists who write about Globalization, they use words that do not define the process. The first word that pops out of David Brooks New York Times article is the verb "drives" He say Globalization drives this and that, but he never says who does the driving.  The next verb usually is "evolves" as if there a natural economic process going on.  We do not need any conspiracy theories to know that Globalization is driven my powerful elite forces outside the will of the people.  The main competitive value  is the value of labor. The next is the value of goods. When these two factors are not in sync with each other, there's no money  to pay for goverwment services necessary to make up the difference. For example, if you have workers in places like Wal-Mart who need government services to survive economically, someone has to pay the toll.  If people need universal health care, you need an economy to support this effort. You can keep putting tax on goods but this adds up to a negative too and really acts as a tariff on goods.
The value of labor is the major core of Globalization and Free Trade. Labor is the main commodity being traded. Workers are used for the sake of profits and are put on a world trading block to compete with one another for the same jobs. This is it. This is the driving force used by powerful elite forces competing for  top profits.  It is a game played at the highest levels in government and industry. Lech Walesa, who led the Solidarity movment in Poland and who is perhaps a major cause for the collapse of the Soviet Empire, says  I am only a consumer and know very little about business and economics, but I do know something is very wrong when 10 percent of the population  owns 100 percent control over the flow of wealth.  So how does Globalization drive economies?  First ask who drives globalization and so called free trade that moves production from place to place anywhere in the world to find the cheapest labor in any industry or field.

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