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Collect rare CDC 846-2 Front Load Disk Cartridges
Rare 8 inch Diskettes with Special Specs
A "Pickers" Dream - Rare Vintage BASF Magnetics' Banner Sign
Collect Very Rare Vintage Computer Tape
Collect Vintage Dysan Diskettes page 1
Rare vintage 5.25 diskettes - various specifications
A very rare item to protect, save and repair diskettes
Rare Dysan Disk Cleaning Kit -Perfect Data- 3M - Opus- Innovations
Dysan rare Diagnostic Disks for monitoring disk drive conditions
Classic Heavy Duty " ever new" Library Cases Deals
TOP PRODUCER Real Estate vintage Software Bundle Deal
Top Presenter from Top Producer- Rare Find in Clip-Art / Flyer Creation Software
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LOOK Mobile Phone Cases of Joe DiMaggio , Babe Ruth etc you can collect
Peanuts and Snoopy 2 sided Holiday Charles Schultz 1970 Posters
Word Processing Cassettes by Data Packaging - Smith Corona Print Wheels -Ribbons etc
1984 Dysan / Arkline Pure Data Plaque - Exclusive Collectible
3 1/4" Dysan Diskettes and Dysan Software Library made history
More unique vintage computer tapes collectibles
Collect unique U.S. Postage Stamp Art by Ray Tapajna
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Collect all four vintage store ads signed by original family member
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Collect items that can not be found anywhere else
in the world.
Own part of the history of computers

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 Collectible Computer Items

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Rare Vintage Computer Collectibles that grow value
Collect Vintage Computer Products and more
that will grow in value with many being rare items

computer products never used,
in original packaging
with many having rare special specs
( Note: There are items that can not be found
 anywhere else with many machines still using them.  )

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Many Items only: $15 each
(Classic Library Cases are free with many buys.)

Bundle Deals of collectibles featuring many items including

Classic Deluxe Library Storage - It's  " forever new"  9 1/2" L x 9" W x 1 3/4" heavy duty Cases and keeps anything stored inside "forever new" too as  described on this site at

View our art gallery at http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com  as a reverse offer, get  vintage computer item free  with art buy.  Just let us know what art you you purchased.  Call or email us
 with phone no or email address listed above.

Background story about the computer collectibles.
The best way to introduce you to our collectible computer products is to tell you our story. In 1976, a new cat scan manufacturer called us for help about their  disk storage problems. They were ready to start shipping their new cat scan system when they found they could not find the proper disk storage devices for their cat scan systems.

They needed 100 percent error free disk devices which at that time were not available anywhere.  They were also "crashing" the disk packs they were trying to use. At that time, I was with an international disk and tape manufacturer and knew this manufacturer was not able to provide the product they required.

We heard about Dysan Corporation who was deep into disk storage testing and certification devices. We got in touch with them and they said they were just getting into producing disk storage devices and knew they could provide us with 100 percent error free total surface tested disk packs.  Up to this time the best disk storage devices had about 60 correctable errors made by Control Data Corporation.

We began supplying the cat scan manufacturer with Dysan disk storage devices and filled the need for the new cat scan manufacturer and other manufacturers like GE Medical System.  We found ourselves in a new business as independent representatives nationally for Dysan.  We did this for five years and then joined Dysan directly. In the end had an association with Dysan for ten years. Later,  we became trouble shooter supplyer to major corporations with free trade causing many quality issues for many manufacturers in finding components that once were made in the USA.  We also devised new burnishing and lubrication methods for computer tape. We knew the difference between what is called magnetic storage soft and hard formulas.   At the same time we introduce our own branded micro computer that were built to our specification and supplied China with special components and calibration devices. We enjoyed continued success until free trade caused us to lose most of our major clients who were forced to close down completely or send their manufacturing process outside of the USA.

We also help jump start the computerized typesetting industry based on 100 percent error free 8" hard sectored diskettes which were first made by  the Schugart company.  Alan Shugart, the president of this company, later became the CEO of Seagate Technology the largest hard disk manufacturer in the world. Dysan help fund Seagate start up.

Many of the products here represent the very best technology with many having specs that make them rare.  Now you can share in this history when most computers and devices were made in the USA and before free trade came and caused more than a million workers in the computer industry to lose their jobs with hundreds of U.S. computer manufacturers closing down and thousands of computer business suffering the same fate. Now you can collect many of these rare items in new condition in original packaging with a full background of the products. We have many files of technical information that is also available for all who are interested in this information for a minor extra charge.

Ray Tapajna background information
Ray Tapajna is now editor and artist at Tapsearch Com World sites and Ray Tapajna Info Net with thousands of references and resources online.
His bio is at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna  and note also http://linkedin.com/in/tapsearcher for all of his endorsements. His art gallery is at http://ray-tapajna-artistwebsites.com  As a completely free courtesy you can enjoy unlimited services and tools to promote your business or webpage at http://ray-tapajna-info.net 
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Ray Tapajna is Editor & Artist at Tapsearch Com
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Collect unique artwork prints and/or vintage conversational food store ads too.  See below.  Any Get art print  and food ad 
for $20 each. ( Each signed and dated.) 
  With any vintage computer buys for a total of  more than $100, let us know what art prints   or food ads ( mounted ),
you want free and see if we can make the deal.  
( See also http://ray-tapajna-artistwebsites.com  galleries for special greeting and collectible 5x7 cards offers with a vast collection of art and sports art choices.)
For any questions contact us at  tapsearch@fastmail.net 
or call 1 800 695-1441 or 216-671-6263
Get FREE with any buy of $100 or more - Babe Ruth-
Joe DiMaggio or signed Food Store Ad
Get FREE with any buy of $100 or more - Babe Ruth-
Joe DiMaggio or signed Food Store Ad
rendition from World War 2 in the Pacific
From 1953 and signed by artist
Graduating Gridders won Scripps-Howard Award that year
This 1939 Food Store Ad is Free with any buy along
with the 1934 ad- both signed by original family member
1934 Food Store Ad tells a story about the
Depression with many today having their own living in a silent depression
1938 Food Store Ad signed by original family
member with a background story

Select a 1934, 1938 or 1939  8 x 10 Food Store for $20 each . Signed by an original family member with copy write.  It makes an excellent conversational piece hanging in your kitchen or dining area.  Comes with background story of stores. Get any free with other buys over $100.

BASF Banner 1970s vintage 15x15"   Sign is Free

with any order over $200 dollars. 

Call 216-671-7273 or email tapsearch@fastmail.net 

A " Pickers" Dream - BASF Logo Sign with an extra
free bundle deal- Sign is Free with any order over $200

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Call us for more information about rare  3.25, 3.50, 5.25 and 8" diskettes. We feature Dysan premium lines including their Cleaning Kits and Diagnostic Disks. Most all are available in original packaging and in new condition.  We also have some 3M 5.25, Maxell 3.50 diskettes, Perfect Data, Innovations, Opus Disk Cleaning Kits and some other exclusive brands.
We also have exclusive Arkline  Purer Data computer tape which were produced according to our specifications when we were trouble shooter supplyer to major corporations. These tapes went through special burnishing, lubrication and certification processes.  They are a rare with no one else having this label in the world.  The Dysan Diagnostic Disks are in original packaging never used. With these items we provide technical data.   The 3.25 diskettes are very rare too and we have them bundled with Dysan Software Library. 

Most of our offers are bundled with free heavy duty plastic library cases featuring 8" Dysan Burgundy cases, Dysan Hard Carboard File Cases, Kas-ette /10 Black with leather like texture, SRW Black 5.25 library cases plus free Boardroom Graphics version 3.0 Analytical Software.  We also include the Arkline Pure Data / Dysan story signed by us with all orders.  We also have many  technical data sheets and specs plus our writings on error recovery codes available.  Much of the slick ad material we include are real collectibles too.  We also have a large 15 x15 "  BASF logo on BASF LUPOLEN Plastic with most any picker would want with being from the 1970s.

We plan to put up pictures of all of the above with prices soon. If you can't wait call us at 216-671-6263 or 1 800-695-1441  for specific information.  As former Owner/President of Arkline Pure Data and Direct Representative for Dysan Corp., I will sign any item and our Arkline Pure Data - Dysan story comes with every order signed. All of our  computer items are real vintage computer collectibles from the 1970s and early 1980s.  Call 216-671-6263, 1 800-695-1441  or email us at rtapajna@fastmail.net