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You can own part of Computer history
Free Eisenhower Dollars with Buys
$125 deal - Collect rare CDC 846-2 Front Load Disk Cartridges
$15.00 deal for Classis Library Cases
8 inch Dysan cheaper than Ebay
Collect part of Aviation History - Taking Bids for rare ....
Special Silver Half Dollars Free with Buys
$200 order get Rare Silver Morgan Dollar FREE
$25.00 A Pickers Dream Sign - Rare Vintage BASF Magnetics' Banner Sign
$37.00 Collect Very Rare Vintage Computer Tape
$37.00 Collect Vintage Dysan Diskettes page 1
$37.00 Rare vintage 5.25 diskettes - various specifications
$37.00 A very rare item to protect, save and repair diskettes
$37.00 Rare Dysan Disk Cleaning Kit -Perfect Data- 3M - Opus- Innovations
$37.00 Dysan rare Diagnostic Disks for monitoring disk drive conditions
TOP PRODUCER Real Estate vintage Software Bundle Deal
Top Presenter from Top Producer- Rare Find in Clip-Art / Flyer Creation Software
The story behind our vintage computer items
Note free offers on bottom of page
LOOK Mobile Phone Cases of Joe DiMaggio , Babe Ruth etc you can collect
Peanuts and Snoopy 2 sided Holiday Charles Schultz 1970 Posters
Word Processing Cassettes by Data Packaging - Smith Corona Print Wheels -Ribbons etc
1984 Dysan / Arkline Pure Data Plaque - Exclusive Collectible
3 1/4" Dysan Diskettes and Dysan Software Library made history
More unique vintage computer tapes collectibles
Collect unique U.S. Postage Stamp Art by Ray Tapajna
Select any book with order of $60 or more FREE
Collect all four vintage store ads signed by original family member
Unique Sports Art featuring Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio
Vintage Food Ads - Going Back to different time
Some Vintage Software Deals
Buy our art here for less - Select any artwork from Fineart American Online
Go to http://www.ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com/  and let us know what you want  Contact Ray Tapajna  rtap@gmx.com  and get your selection as a limited edition print, signed and dated by Ray Tapajna  for only  $20.00 for a 8.5 X 11

Ray Tapajna- Tapsearcher-Collectible
Own part of the history of computers

Ray Tapajna features
 Collectible Computer Items
plus much more 

Click on left hand column for items-
You can collect  a part of computer history here.

You will not find items  like this on Ebay or anywhere else

Rare computer products - bundle items  for best deals. Many items at
only $15 each
 Priced below their orignal price 30 to 35 years ago.
Call Ray at 216-671-6263  or  Toll Free at 800-695-1441 
email at
(also Pay Pal email addresses
Special Feature: Collect 5 x 7 " Unique Sports Art  Greeting Cards
for only
$4.95 each and only $2.95 each for ten-
See http://ray-tapajna.artistwebsites.com
Babe Ruth, Joe Di Maggio, Jim Thome, Omar Vizquel, Roberto Alomar, Manny Ramirez, Play Ball, Travis Hafner , The Pronk  or Graduating Gridders 1953


Rare Vintage Computer Collectibles that grow value
Collect Vintage Computer Products and more
that will grow in value with many being rare items

(Classic Library Cases are free with many buys.)

Bundle Deals of collectibles featuring many items including

Classic Deluxe Library Storage -
It's  " forever new"  9 1/2" L x 9" W x 1 3/4" heavy duty
Cases and keeps anything stored inside for ages

Ray Tapajna background information
Ray Tapajna is now editor and artist at Tapsearch Com World sites and Ray Tapajna Info Net with thousands of references and resources online.
His bio is at http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna  and note also http://linkedin.com/in/tapsearcher for all of his endorsements. His art gallery is at http://ray-tapajna-artistwebsites.com  As a completely free courtesy you can enjoy unlimited services and tools to promote your business or webpage at http://ray-tapajna-info.net 
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Get Free Silver Dollar with quantity buys and
Bundled orders. Select Liberty, Morgan and Peace Dollars

We invite your offer for quantity and  bundle buys.  Many items are one of a kind and  can not be found anywhere else in the world. And get Liberty Silver Dollar Free with large quantity or bundled buy.  ( Coin is a Eighty Dollar Value )

BASF Banner 1970s vintage 15x15"   Sign is by itself is only

$25.00 Shipping Free  

Call 216-671-7273 or email tapsearch@fastmail.net 

A " Pickers" Dream - BASF Logo Sign with an extra
free bundle deal- Sign is Free with any order over $200
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Click here to go to Pickers Antique Archaeology
site - from Mike Wolf American Pickers TV Realty Show

For Mike Wolfe's American Pickers Antique Archaeology main site click on image above. See the great collectibles based on his reality TV show at

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Call us for more information about rare  3.25, 3.50, 5.25 and 8" diskettes. We feature Dysan premium lines including their Cleaning Kits and Diagnostic Disks. Most all are available in original packaging and in new condition.  We also have some 3M 5.25, Maxell 3.50 diskettes, Perfect Data, Innovations, Opus Disk Cleaning Kits and some other exclusive brands.
We also have exclusive Arkline  Purer Data computer tape which were produced according to our specifications when we were trouble shooter supplyer to major corporations. These tapes went through special burnishing, lubrication and certification processes.  They are a rare with no one else having this label in the world.  The Dysan Diagnostic Disks are in original packaging never used. With these items we provide technical data.   The 3.25 diskettes are very rare too and we have them bundled with Dysan Software Library. 

Most of our offers are bundled with free heavy duty plastic library cases featuring 8" Dysan Burgundy cases, Dysan Hard Carboard File Cases, Kas-ette /10 Black with leather like texture, SRW Black 5.25 library cases plus free Boardroom Graphics version 3.0 Analytical Software.  We also include the Arkline Pure Data / Dysan story signed by us with all orders.  We also have many  technical data sheets and specs plus our writings on error recovery codes available.  Much of the slick ad material we include are real collectibles too.  We also have a large 15 x15 "  BASF logo on BASF LUPOLEN Plastic with most any picker would want with being from the 1970s.

We plan to put up pictures of all of the above with prices soon. If you can't wait call us at 216-671-6263 or 1 800-695-1441  for specific information.  As former Owner/President of Arkline Pure Data and Direct Representative for Dysan Corp., I will sign any item and our Arkline Pure Data - Dysan story comes with every order signed. All of our  computer items are real vintage computer collectibles from the 1970s and early 1980s.  Call 216-671-6263, 1 800-695-1441  or email us at rtapajna@fastmail.net

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