Confessions for history about the global economic arena

The Cross of 9/11 Tangle of Terror - who can untangle the terror that globalization have bred

Living in the "Bewildered New World"
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a must read
Dualism in our economic day
Open markets but they are hard to find
China trade counter productive
The second touch healing
A strange brew of Clinton Bush and Obama
Confessions for History
Suicides surge in hard times
Ray Tapajna Living Healing, Flowers for You, Sports Art Collectibles and Art that Talks
Art that Talks - The Sacrilege - Walmart built in the graveyard of the steel industry
Lakewood Ohio Buy Program - Lakewood Observer News and The Way We Were
The Way it Was - 1939 Food Ad tells the story
The Cross of 9/11 Tangle of Terror - who can untangle the terror that globalization have bred
Art that Talks about - The American Dream is Burning - Call the White House
Art that Talks about - Locked out Workers Bearing their Cross
About Ray Tapajna
Ray's unique artwork supports his advocacy for workers dignity and local economies
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Cross 9/11 Economic Storms

The Cross of 9/11 - Who can untangle the terror
that Free Trade and Globalization have bred

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Who said we had to compete like this with one
another for the same jobs in a global economic arena

View Ray's Art that Talks and Living Art Gallery
See new rendition of Clinton Years American Dream Reversed
Search under title of artwork - Clinton Years American Dream Reversed and you find millions of references and results. Yahoo has the most. Google also has a good list.  See for story and more renditions of this artwork by Ray Tapajna 

A summary of articles by Ray Tapajna from his Bizarre Politics Blog at Orble Com - Explore the untold stories behind the news. Click on  or