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It takes 8000 miles for an energy saving light bulb to get to U.S. from dirty energy factories in China.  Note too that only 16 super container cargo ships pollute the world more than all the automobiles in the world. On top of that U.S. ports have become death traps with the amount of truck traffic coming in and out of the ports. Surrounding environments suffer the consequences affecting the health of children living near by or near traffic hubs. 

In order to have a good society for all to enjoy, we need to have economic parity and the right approach to energy and pollution

We thought the above links represented the end of the story about the "dirty" 8000 mile energy saving light bulbs but  the story continues as governments dictate the use of them in open fashion and electrical utilities join in programs that are outside the will of the people.

Here is the jist of our article(s). It is a perfect example of everything bad related to free trade and globalization with a massive utility pushing it to even lower levels.  First Energy electric utility in Northern Ohio announced they were going to send "free" energy saving light bulbs to all their customers under a new dictate from a state bureau to satify certain energy consumption standards. They were going to charge their customers for the amount of savings in electricity involved with the program to make up what income would be lost in the program. The program was met with public opposition and First Energy was forced to postpone the program. They are now back at it again offering more bulbs in the deal. It is a ridiculous program from start to finish.

1. The energy saving light bulbs are the result of "dirty" manufacturing in China with mercury out in the open. Workers put in long hours per day at a improverished workers wage. ( We reference an informative web page below about this terrible process where workers are poisoned.) At the same time, thousands of workers at GE will lose their job. The union put in a full page ad in the PD some time ago about this. Many workers including women - some even pregnant- get cut in the manufacturing process where mercury is out in the open.

2. The PD published an article about a year ago about a new software company that rates a product in terms of its effect on our ecology according to the distance and energy used to transport the item in the USA. Hopefully, they will do the same thing internationally.  The energy saving light bulbs have to travel 8000 miles to get here from China with a tremendous cost to the environment.

3. The energy saving light bulb and other so called "green" products use up tons of energy transporting the item to the US. China has about 80 percent of this market. The bulb has to travel 8,000 miles to get here using long haul ocean, air, rail and truck fuel which heavily pollutes the air in the transportation. There is also a need for additional packaging and shipping containers. Many of the containers are stockpiled in the US since we have nothing to ship back to China. Just think what this all cost in terms of the environment and jobs in the USA.

4. The bulbs contain mercury and there is a debate about this as to how much of a negative affect, the mercury in the bulbs represent. However there are many warnings about cleaning up after one the the bulbs are broken. ( In China, the broken bulbs during manufacturings are left in big open containers where they are being made. ) And now there are new reports about UV radiation affecting people using these bulbs.

5. I do not understand how this give away received an OK by First Energy lawyers. Imagine a little child playing with their stuffed teddy bear dragging it through an area where a mercury bulb was broken. The stuffed teddy bear will act as a lethal weapon to that child when they play with it or sleep with it for just a few months. 

Think of all the other possibilities where the general public is not aware of the consequences. Here we have a large corporation, pushing foreign made products on their users, putting US workers out of work where the affect to the environment may be more negative than positive. There are no walls in the sky that partitions poisons. They are also pushing globalization and free trade that are the major cause of our economic crisis rather than local value added economies. The push for casinos in Ohio are centered on providing local jobs and this is gambling where it takes a vibrant economy making things in balanced geopolitical settings. Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning out. President Obama bails out the financial communities who caused most of the problems in the first place. Now we have a large utility putting one of the last daggers in the last of the private sector production workers in the USA.

New local regulations for old freight ships using the Great Lakes will put some ships out of business in the U.S.   Nothing is said about all the old freighters on the high seas bringing the imports for thousands of miles. There is no logic flow in any of this.  VP Gore who won an award for his green advocacy,  ignored all of it. President Bush, President Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama wear the same blinders.

( This article  follows  the article by Michael Scott who quoted me and my published letter more than year ago titled : A darker story behind the dark side of energy saving light bulbs. See at http://www.phillyfuture.org/node/5297 and http://www.phillyfuture.org/node/5298

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Ray Tapajna Today reports : It is really all about your in the global economic arena full of contradictions with millions of jobs lost. Free trade is not trade. It is mainly about moving production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor. American workers took the bait and shopped their way out of their jobs. At the same time all the "dirty" factories in other countries pollute the earth. And just 15 large container ships cause more pollution than all the automobiles in the world with more than 3,000 new giant container ships being built. Our port cities, are full of pollution and all the areas near highways with heavy trucking traffic.  This affecting the health of  all the children growing up nearby.

Merchants give away free Green Earth Day shopping
bags full of dirty 8000 mile dirty energy saving light bulbs

The 8000 mile "dirty" - "energy efficient" - light bulbs use up 8000 miles of energy getting here from China with  workers there  - mostly women-   poisoned in inhumane working conditions as  U.S. workers lose their jobs in the industry.

This weblog is about the dark side of energy saving light bulbs and the darker stories behind it. It is about "dirty" energy savings which represents much of what is wrong about our economy, free trade, globalization and protecting our environment.  It is a story about ethics in manufacturing and the value of workers and work. Read below how workers work in mercury toxicity many hours a day pricking their fingers and hands in the manufacturing of these bulbs.

The untold stories behind free trade failures at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews http://tapsearch.com/flatworld  http://tapsearch.com/backfire  http://tapsearch.com/tradetraps

It all ties in with our review of Pope Benedict's economic encylical - Charity in truth  at http://tapsearch.com/pope-benedict-economic-encyclical   and at more of Tapsearch Com and Ray Tapajna Chronicles  news and issues blogs and sites  see http://tapsearch.com/super-links which also includes our unlimited free services web sites.

It all ties in with our review of Pope Benedict's economic encylical - Charity in truth  at http://tapsearch.com/pope-benedict-economic-encyclical   and at more of Tapsearch Com and Ray Tapajna Chronicles  news and issues blogs and sites  see http://tapsearch.com/super-links which also includes our unlimited free services web sites.
Besides the pollution caused by lone haul shipping, extra packing etc....There's

Due to so called free trade, we tend to forget, how many products are now throw-aways.  The cost to repair these items are more than the cost of  buying a new one. ( Buying new adds
long haul shipping and packaging polution in the mix.)

On public tv several programs showed the deadly dumps around the world full of throw away items. We also saw children sorting through the deadly debri to make some money to help support their families. Most likely, members of their family are being contaminated at the same time working in unregulated dirty factories.   Why talk green when all this is happening.

It is also nonsense to have stimulus packages that supposedly create new jobs when we all know the production and even engineering part of these new jobs will go outside the U.S. just like all the others. In the 1990s, more than a million U.S. workers lost their jobs in the computer and high tech fields. In 1992, about 300,000 lost their jobs at IBM and AT@T / NCR  computers.  In 1998, more than 250,000 lost their jobs in high tech too.

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1000s of workers in the electrical industry have
lost their jobs and more will be lost as we shop our way out of our jobs

Beside the latest reports about energy efficient light bulbs emitting UV radiation there are other reports about Chinese workers - mostly women- being poisoned from the toxicity of mercury in the production.  See http://www.simplygreen.co.za/international-news/science-and-technology/energy-efficient-lightbulbs-poison-hundreds-of-chinese-workers.html   Note the percentage of workers affected. U.S. workers are put out of work while Chinese workers suffer inhumane conditions.

See also - Conditions violate labor law, raise health concerns at Chinese supplier of energy-efficient bulbs to GE.   
See http://www.policymattersohio.org/GoodBulbsBadJobs.htm